Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Complex situation
Here is our place
And we still walk alone
The courage and strength
Scared, tired and traumatized
Wrap all together

We still fight in the street of mud and blood
The aim is not necessary
Cold blood stare glazed on the wall area
We hear the voices, shouting in fear
We follow the sound and all we see is disaster
Interpret all the sensory

Lets run away far from here
Leave the dark clouds and grieve misty
In the middle of the sky we see the sun struggling
We follow the light in the sky
Despite the distance that gives happiness
‘Cause we all look pale
‘Cause our view is weak
And all we see is difficulty

Come down from the sky
The cold rain
Every drop of water flow to skin
Bring us the happy heart
Victory for cold atmosphere
End of the road turns white light,forgiveness
Not a pale red again
Not a weak immune
Just a warm crowd to be comfortable,happiness
For a lovely misty glory recesses